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Product Information:

Nothing gets more extreme than our extreme trampoline! This rental comes with 2 trampolines ran by our staff members. Children as small as 20lbs and adults up to 240lbs can enjoy this attraction by being strapped into the harness. They will then be lifted up high enough to where they can jump at a "slower" rate than a normal trampoline. This will allow them to jump higher & do trick shots such as front flips & back flips without hurting themselves. 

Circuits needed:


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Event Staffing (add additional as needed):

  • 1 Hour Staffing

  • 2 Hour Staffing

  • 3 Hour Staffing

  • 4 Hour Staffing

  • 5 Hour Staffing

  • 6 Hour Staffing

  • 7 Hour Staffing

  • 8 Hour Staffing

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  • Event Volunteers

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